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What we offer

Custom Software and Solutions Development for Healthcare, Fintech and Security Domains.

Instantly take advantage of our highly skilled teams comprised of award winning Developers, Architects & Product designers. Use our decades long knowledge and experience to delight your customers and create your success!

Quality & On Time

Innovative solution that will ensure a disruptive digital experience for your users. On time and quality assured.

Upfront Pricing

Know the cost upfront, before you start your project. No hidden fees and no shenanigans. Period.

Free After Delivery Support

Have peace of mind knowing AceOar got your back with comprehensive bug fixes and after delivery support.

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Security & Identity

Identity & Security enhancements

Your business is unique. You will need an identity and access management solution that adapts to your needs for today, and in the future.

AceOar builds integrated solutions that are optimized for security and privacy. We can leverage existing 3rd party solutions out there or build from scratch - depending on your needs.

Solutions designed and developed by us are always with experienced strategies in mind and an eye toward safeguarding your systems and data. IAM, OAuth, OIDC, FAPI implementation are just a few to get you started.

Healthcare, Telehealth, BioTech

Get domain expertise and careful attention to patient data.

Sharing patient data can be a challenge – but access to vital information can make significant difference in patient care.

We develop solutions for EHR/EMR, HIE that helps promote advanced interoperability, streamline workflows and improve communications - all while maintaining privacy and security.

The knowledge of PIPEDA, HIPAA, PHIPA and other healthcare regulations in US and Canada is crucial while working in Healthcare domain. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience on the regulations along with different data exchange formats like HL7 and FHIR, to name a few to build your solution.

Fintech, BaaS, Open Banking

Modernize legacy, accelerate innovation. And we love APIs

Developing robust solution that scales or integrating with legacy systems maintaining security and control can be a real challenge.

AceOar combines domain expertise and modern technology to provide comprehensive solutions that helps Fintech companies adapt better to future challenges.

How we help

Robust solutions, built with intelligence

Together we will create an unique solution through your product that will ensure a disruptive digital experience. Our solutions will inspire your team and make your business LOVED by it's customers.

Application & Web Development

Application and systems development of any complexity

Mobile App Development

Let your customers experience the convenience of a beautiful UI & UX

Serverless & API

Take advantages of the flexibility with Serverless, scale adaptability with RESTful APIs

Integration & Automation

Build power integrating internal services with 3rd party services

Security & Data Encryption

Protect services, data and privacy using strong encryption and zero-trust policies

Support available 24/7

Every service comes with available 24/7 support options so that you always have assurance

Our company was experiencing rapid growth, so we needed a rock solid team to support our growth, and AceOar enabled us to reach new heights without a single hicuup.

Jane Warren
Customer, CEO

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One size doesn't fit all in Software Development.

We use tens of different combination of programming languages, tools, techniques and cloud stacks. However, we like to determine the best solution first, then then pick the right combination of technologies.

Some of the popular languages our developers more regularly uses are Nodejs, React, Angular, Java and Spring Boot. For mobile we see ourselves more frequently using Flutter/Dart and sometimes React Native.

We regularly leverage AWS and Google Cloud for bigger projects. But there are plenty of other providers out there for smaller projects and cheaper solutions that we can recommend.

Startups :
Save up to 40% Time & Budget!

Get expert advise, validation ideas and our expertise in help avoid expensive common mistakes. And, we help with our ready-built Proof-of-Concept (POC) stack which could save you both time and money!

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