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Consen – Digital Application Solution

CONSEN - Digital Application Solution

Digital Application Solution

Digital Application Solution CONSEN
Enterprise solution

Way Beyond Forms - It's Application Orchestration and Management

The software for creation, submission and management of financial applications. Give your clients the best orchestrated experience to apply for your products and services.
Consen let’s you validate information, use pre-screening logic and automate workflows. So you spend significantly less time in administrative tasks and instead, work on your actual business.
consen overview
PROCESS Automation

Best Orchestrated Process That Saves Time

The landscape for financial sales is complicated. Tools that efficiently connect stakeholders and more effectively facilitate the application process are critical.
Consen Process
Consen workflow

Customizable Workflow

With more and more information being required for a financial applications, such as a loan, you may need a custom workflow that fits your need. CONSEN allows you to start from a base workflow that fits the need for most institutions. But you can always customize it.
Secure Application Intake

Solutions That Works Out-of-the-Box

Loan Application

Credit Card Application

Mortgage Application

Client Intake Application

Intake Questionnaire

Custom Application

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