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Application Stack

Suitable for micro-saas, SaaS or standard applications. Shares a common pool of users and shares same file storage and database.

Multi-Tenant Stack

Suitable for B2B SaaS where your customers (tenant) will have their own set of users. The stack supports isolation of data and files per tenancy.


Customized Stack

We customize any of the Stacks for you, including branding, full service development and deployment. Or, we can build something from scratch for you!

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We have spent hundreds of hours building each of the Application stacks so that you won't have to.

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Common Modules

Foundational Building Blocks

It's a breeze building your application when you have a great foundation.


Image & File Storage

Realtime Hooks

No-SQL Database

Deployment Scripts


Multi-Tenant (B2B) Components

Tenant Management

Auth, Data Isolation

Microservice Based

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Speed Matters

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Instantly focus into your business logic. The essential boiler-plate codes are already in place with sample implementations. Thanks to our premium stacks that comes with authentication, files and data storage mechanisms.

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