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API Gateway Service (Micro-IPaaS)

API Gateway Service That Empowers Your Application

Build your next big feature on our AI/ML enabled APIs. Leverage the advanced image, document and data manipulation capabilities. No heavy lifting.

API Service

For Automation

Automate workflows and extend features that delight customers

For Integration

Integrate with 3rd-party providers and consume data

For No-Code Apps

Create no-code applications with advanced features

Reduce Development Effort

Take advantage of modern technologies through our API Service such as machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Image Processing

AceOar API Gateway image processing enables extracting texts from images, analyze it or get structured data that is consumable by your application.

Document / PDF

Extract information from PDFs or other documents, analyze or get structured data that is consumable by your solution. It can also work for domain-specific data discovery, redaction controls , structural component extraction and other document processing & understanding capabilities.

3rd Party Integration

Do more with the apps you already use. Integrating with 3rd parties is slow and costly. Save development time in half and enable developers to focus on customer experience.

Example Use Cases!

Instantly focus into your business logic and expand quickly using our APIs. Contact us to discuss your use cases and get your API-Key.

We'd be happy to add new API Gateway features for your use cases if it doesn't exist already. Just reach out!

Manipulate images on your websites and applications

Connect your health apps and generate data from image or PDFs

Extract data and analyze financial statements or generate reports

Connect your eCommerce site and recommend products to customers

Gather metrics or get charts data and events from providers ex: Stripe

Empower your climate change solutions by leveraging APIs

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