AceOar Technologies

Custom Software Development Company

Full-service Software Development Company

Imagine having highly skilled Developers, Architects & Product designers by your side. Instantly leverage our decades long expertise for your success!

Secure Software Development Company

Custom Software Development

Focus on growing your business. Leave software & solutions development to us.

App Stacks for MVP

Save money and time in boilerplate code with 100% control over your growth.

Product Design

Design and develop your software/SaaS product leveraging our experts.

Cyber Security
Full Service Software Development

Custom Software, Done Right!

Get end-to-end services including your product and architecture design, development and testing as well as deployment. SME or enterprise, we specialize in highly complex solutions development including Healthcare, Fintech and Security domains.
Ready Built Application Stacks

Jump-Start Your MVP

Why spend months and thousands of your investment to develop the same boilerplate code? Use our Ready Built Application Stacks that puts you way ahead of the curve!
Application Stacks Boost
AceOar Design
Product Design & Management

Turn Your Idea Into Reality!

Your product and architecture design can make or break your opportunity for success. Take advantage of our skills and experience to design a robust product that delights your customers and gives you room to grow.
AceOar Automation
Developing MVP Yourself?

Start With An App Stack!

As a Software Development Company, we build, enhance and maintain a few foundational Application stacks. We are going to open up a commercialized version of these stacks that you can leverage to save your time and money.
Fully Managed

Our Services

Focusing on strategy, technology, and business transformation, we help you future-proof your business.

Enterprise Solutions

We combine domain expertise and modern technology to provide comprehensive solutions. Our services enables organizations in complex industries to achieve their objectives.

Digital Transformation

Developing robust solution that scales or integrating with legacy systems maintaining security and control can be a real challenge. We help modernize legacy and accelerate innovation.

Mission Critical Integrations

Want to integrate with mission critical 3rd party software? We specialize in developing integrations from credentials to data transformations to various API engines on different infrastructures.

Domain Expertise & Consulting

We specialize in some of the most heavily regulated industries in US and Canada such as Healthcare and Fintech. Let us help you with our decades long hand-on working expertise for your success.

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